Fixando is the online platform that turns it easy to hire local services.

We help our Users accomplish their projects, whether it's hiring an Electrician, Remodeling professional, a Catering service, a Photographer or an Accountant. At Fixando, you will find the rated and trustworthy professional to carry out any kind of service you need (Home services, Events, Wellness, Classes and Other Services).

Fixando was established in 2016 and currently operates in Portugal, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Chile and Dominican Republic.


Fixando helps people accomplish their personal projects. We turn easy the process of hiring a Professional through the presentation of custom quotes to our Users in a fast way.

Fixando helps small businesses and independent professionals to increase their Clients and Business Volume.

We present up to 5 Professionals quotes within 48 hours for each request.


Fixando wants to be the best platform for hiring local services globally.

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